Publica – the 1st Protocol for Decentralized Publishing

Publica – the 1st Protocol for Decentralized Publishing

They are determined to make an environment to help connect readers and writers and foster that relationship in a crowdfunding sort of system as combined with a sales platform. This type of platform will be a win-win situation for readers and writers since it is cutting out the middleman from the industry that prevents authors from making their due as well as giving readers more for their money since they will have the ability to resell their books as well unlike with platforms like amazon kindle books you would actually own your copy of the book.

I expect big things from this platform and its a solid horse to bet on as its still in its infancy and can be purchased for a steal considering the potential this token has in such an important industry as well as having the possibility to become mainstream.

Most tokens suffer from not having a solid way of making something mainstream, but I believe this really has the potential to open doors and break the average user into the crypto world.

How does it work for authors?

Publica’s mission is to help you, self-publishing author, to make quality books!

We believe that quality books require time and funding.
Publica helps to ensure authors with the liquidity authors need to write and use professional services such as editing or proofreading.

How does it work?

We help you set up a crowdfunding campaign, ignite your community of followers, grow it and let them support you!

Traditional crowdfunding platforms cater mostly for paper books; blockchain made it possible to crowdfund ebooks. Your supporters will get an electronic access key that will unlock the book once it is eventually written!

Publica mission is to make the commercial distribution of ebooks worldwide, no walled gardens and geo-fencing.

We believe authors want their message to reach an entire world and decentralized blockchain brings this opportunity for the first time!If you are an author writing about crypto-markets, tokenization, and blockchain – let your readers really experience it in Publica app-reader combined with a wallet to hold a token that serves as an access key to your book.

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