Magic, New Mexico Giveaway Game

Touch of Winter
A Magic Exchange Abroad

What happens when Ciro travels via a portal bridging the gaps between the small town of Magic, New Mexico in search of mastering this thing called witchcraft. As an alien from the frozen tundra planet Glacier with an affinity for ice magic and a habit of getting into trouble he quickly finds himself at odds with the people of Magic, New Mexico. Can Ciro find the answers to his questions or will life in a small town studying witchcraft cause unforeseen complications.

Speaking of unforeseen complications we better talk about this bombshell pistol.

Magic, New Mexico
Kindle World

Magic, New Mexico
Giveaway Game

Don’t Just Talk Like A Pirate! Be A Pirate and Find the Magic, New Mexico Treasure!

Magic, New Mexico Kindle World #3 releases on September 19th, which is also Talk Like A Pirate Day! What a better day to kick off a treasure hunt than when we are all talking like the pirates we are lol.

Visit each author in the Magic New Mexico Kindle World #3 to find your next clue to the grand prize.

You need to visit each author in the Magic New Mexico Kindle World #3 to find the next clue to the grand prize. Collect all the clues and go in the draw for Magic treasure!

On each author’s Kindle World book page, there is a map of Magic, New Mexico (see map below). On that map, is a letter or letters or symbol that is specific to that author. Check out the lower right-hand corner. Near the treasure chest. Write down the letter or symbol for each author. Make sure you record the code in the order of authors below so that you get the correct code word.

That’s it! Easy peasy. Each letter will create part of the code you need to enter into the giveaway.

Download your Treasure Card to record your clues. Once you have collected all the clues, go in the entry at:

Visit all the authors as there may be surprises for you along the way. 😉
Aidy Award – A Touch of Fate (hyperlinks)
CJ Cade – Reaching Reva
DB Sieders – Silver Unleashed
Donna McDonald – Timeless Topper
Evelyn Lederman – A Touch of Harmony
Immortal Angel & Lisa Hailes – A Touch of Death
Jason Crutchfield – Miss Fortune
Jessica Aspen – Touch of Beauty
Jody Wallace – Silver Bound
Lea Kirk – Made for Her
Lexi Thorne – Touch of Winter
M.L. Guida – Touch of Madness
Sabine Priestley – Tainted Magic
Tianna Xander – Seducing Sela
Trinity Blacio – Loving Phoenix

Enter the Giveaway at:

The game opens on September 19th at 6:00 am (Orlando time) and closes at 6:00 pm on September 30th (Orlando time).