Lost in Space

Lost in Space: One Lone Astronaut One Lost Space Traveler Two Ships Passing in the Night

The Sword of Light The Chronicles of Gandos Front Cover

Lost in Space

Trapped in a world far from home, Nivea, an experienced astronaut, fears a break from reality nearing. Her desperate attempts to communicate with the outside world go unnoticed until a fleeting encounter with an ominous voice in the ether gives her hope. But when she discovers what’s behind the facade, her opportunity to return home is jeopardized.

Meg doesn’t know how long she’s been gone, but she knows enough to understand her days are numbered. With her fiancé turned malicious captor conspiring to prevent her from returning home, she’ll have to employ every skill in her arsenal to resist, but when she discovers that she may not be his only target, her solo battle becomes a fight for ultimate survival.

Will Nivea and Meg be any match for Master Jiom and his brethren of alien foot soldiers?