Anthology Submissions

The Unexplored: An Anthology of Firsts

Purple Press is officially a company now and to commemorate this I’m opening submissions for an anthology.

PLACEHOLDER TITLE: The Unexplored: An Anthology of Firsts

THEME: The Unexplored


MEDIUMS: Prose, Poetry, Comics and Artwork

Must have a female main character as a main component to the story. They must have substance no window dressing.

Must have a diverse cast of characters featuring minorities not all characters need to be minorities but the story should have a balanced selection.

Must be original unpublished work an exclusive submission.

Must be self-contained.

The submission can be based on one of your own published stories but the story submitted must be a self-contained exclusive story to the anthology.

There will be a multiple round process for selections which are for both the people submitting work as well as Purple Press.


PAGE COUNT: 200 Pages Total (Subject to Change)

POSITIONS: (Subject to Change)
20 Page Comic x 2
10 Page Comic x 3
5 Page Comic x 4
1 Page Comic x 10

20 Page Prose x2 (Artwork x 4)
10 Page Prose x3 (Artwork x 3)
5 Page Prose x4 (Artwork x 4)
1 Page Poem x 10 (Artwork x 10)

Each selected contributor will receive 1 paperback copy of the anthology. (Possibly even give each selected contributor a book with their own stories cover displayed on the front.) (Not decided but also might allow contributors to buy books at cost to be sold in person at conventions and on non publishing distributor sites like ebay or their personal site.)

ROUND 1: (Deadline Nov. 30 11:59 PM EST)
Page Count – Estimated Page Count
Sentence – The elevator pitch
Paragraph – The basic plot
Synopsis – The hook / Book Blurb
Plot Points – Minimum Beginning / Middle / End
Characters – Protagonist / Antagonist
Settings – World / Country / State / City
(Script for comic)

ROUND 2: (Deadline Dec. 11 11:59 PM EST)
The first draft of the work is due.
(Storyboards for comic)

Round 3: (Deadline Dec. 31 11:59 PM EST)
The second draft is due.
(Finished comic pages for comic)

Winners will be selected by Jan. 31 11:59 PM EST
Depending on the amount of submissions each entry will be reviewed and given feedback on their entry as a thanks for entering and to show appreciation at the very least all finalists before the final cut will receive feedback.

The selected entries will be edited by Feb. 28 11:59 PM EST
Any entry without art to accompany them will also need to have art by this deadline whether the writer and artist team up to begin with or an artist is paired after the winner is selected. Any art that accompanies a winning selection isn’t guaranteed to be automatically accepted.

Editorial design is planned to be finished for March, 2017

Publishing planned for April, 2017.

All submissions need to be accompanied with a signed Submission Agreement Form.

Comic Page / Artwork – 300 DPI in the 6×9 ratio Color and Black and White if using color please make sure it also looks good in black and white as I can’t guarantee we will have the money for the added cost of color.

Comic Script Format – Download and use the format below.

Prose / Poetry – 12pt Times New Roman / Double Spaced / 1 Inch Margins / Indented Paragraphs / 20pt Space After Paragraphs. All Manuscripts must be formatted correctly and working in Google Docs. It’s suggested you possibly work directly in Google Docs.

Email the submissions to [email protected]